Tunnel and High Mountain Passes in France and Switzerland

Here are some official road tunnel information sources for the Mont Blanc Tunnel, Frejus Tunnel, and high mountain passes in both France and Switzerland:

**French Road Tunnel Information:**

1.  Mont Blanc Tunnel:
Website: [https://www.tunnelmb.com](https://www.tunnelmb.com)

Description: The official website of the Mont Blanc Tunnel provides real-time traffic updates, tunnel conditions, toll information, and safety regulations.

2. Frejus Tunnel:
Website: [https://www.sftrf.fr](https://www.sftrf.fr)

Description: The Société Française du Tunnel Routier du Fréjus (SFTRF) operates the Frejus Tunnel. Their website offers information on traffic conditions, tolls, and safety guidelines.

3. Bison Futé:
Website: [https://www.bison-fute.gouv.fr](https://www.bison-fute.gouv.fr)

Description: Bison Futé is a French government website that provides real-time traffic information, including road tunnel updates, traffic forecasts, and tips for travelers.

**Swiss Road Tunnel Information:**

1.  Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO):
Website: [https://www.astra.admin.ch](https://www.astra.admin.ch)

Description: The Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) website offers comprehensive information on road tunnels in Switzerland, including safety regulations, closures, and traffic updates.

2. Viasuisse:
Website: [https://www.tunnels-viasuisse.ch](https://www.tunnels-viasuisse.ch)

Description: Viasuisse provides real-time traffic information for road tunnels in Switzerland, including the Gotthard Tunnel, San Bernardino Tunnel, and other major tunnels.

**High Mountain Passes Information:**

1. French Mountain Passes:
Website: [https://www.inforoutes74.fr](https://www.inforoutes74.fr)

Description: The Inforoutes 74 website provides information on road conditions, closures, and restrictions for high mountain passes in the French Alps, including the Col du Galibier, Col de l’Iseran, and Col du Mont Cenis.

2. Swiss Mountain Passes:
Website: [https://www.alpen-paesse.ch](https://www.alpen-paesse.ch)

Description: The Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) website offers information on mountain passes in Switzerland, including road conditions, closures, and access restrictions.

Please note that these URLs are based on information available up to my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. It’s always a good idea to check the websites for the latest updates before your journey, as road conditions and regulations can change.

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