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Here’s a rundown of the notable ski areas in the Chamonix and Les Houches regions, as of my last training data in September 2021. The precise details may have changed, so please verify all information independently: 

1. Les Grands Montets, Argentière:

This ski area is well-known for its steep, demanding slopes and its excellent off-piste skiing. The elevation ranges from 1235m at the base to 3300m at the summit, providing a vertical drop of approximately 2065m. It has around 10 lifts and covers approximately 28.6km of marked runs.

2. La Flégère, Chamonix:

Accessible from the village of Les Praz de Chamonix, the Flégère ski area offers great views of the Mer de Glace glacier. The elevation ranges from 1030m to 2525m, with a vertical drop of around 1495m. The area has roughly 7 lifts and covers about 20km of marked runs.

3. Les Planards, Chamonix:

This is a smaller area, suitable for beginners and families. The elevation is from 1062m to 1242m, providing a vertical drop of about 180m. It features 4 lifts and covers 2.5km of runs.

4. Le Savoy, Chamonix:

A beginner-friendly ski area located in the town of Chamonix itself. The elevation ranges from 1049m to 1123m, providing a vertical drop of 74m. It has 2 lifts and offers a small area of easy slopes.

5. Les Houches, Chamonix Valley:

This area provides a mix of slopes suitable for all abilities. The elevation is from 950m to 1900m, providing a vertical drop of 950m. It has approximately 18 lifts and covers around 55km of piste.

6. Evasion Mont Blanc, Megeve/Saint Gervais:

Not directly in the Chamonix Valley but nearby, this expansive ski area has elevations ranging from 1100m to 2353m, a vertical drop of about 1253m, and roughly 107 lifts. It provides access to over 445km of runs.

7. Balme-Vallorcine, Chamonix Valley:

This area at the head of the Chamonix Valley offers a variety of runs. The elevation ranges from 1250m to 2270m, with a vertical drop of about 1020m. It features approximately 11 lifts and covers 29km of marked runs.

8. L’Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix:

This is the starting point of the famous Vallée Blanche, an unmarked, ungroomed, and unpatrolled off-piste ski route. The cable car rises from 1035m to 3842m, providing a massive vertical drop. Note that this route should only be attempted with a mountain guide and appropriate safety equipment.

9. Vallorcine, Chamonix Valley:

This quiet area is part of the Balme-Vallorcine ski area (mentioned above).

Please note that these ski areas may operate differently depending on the season and weather conditions, and it’s recommended to check the official website of each ski area or contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information, including opening times, lift pass prices, and safety information.

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