Local buses and routes

Chamonix Valley’s local bus system, Chamonix Bus (also known as Chamonix Mont-Blanc Bus), offers extensive coverage throughout the region. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, some key routes include:

**Chamonix Local Shuttle (Le Mulet):**

Le Mulet is a free shuttle service that operates in central Chamonix, making a loop around the town center.

**Main Bus Lines:**

**Line 1 (Les Houches – Les Praz):**
– Key stops include Les Houches, Chamonix Sud, Chamonix Centre, and Les Praz.

**Line 2 (Les Bossons – Les Tines):**
– Key stops include Les Bossons, Chamonix Sud, Chamonix Centre, and Les Tines.

**Line 3 (Servoz – Le Tour):**
– This route covers a larger part of the valley. Key stops include Servoz, Les Houches, Chamonix Sud, Chamonix Centre, Argentière, and Le Tour.

**Line 6 (Le Tour – Les Houches Saint-Antoine):**
– This route is an alternative to Line 3, also covering the wider valley but with different stops.

**Ski Buses:**

There are additional bus lines during the winter season that serve the main ski areas:

  1. **Chamonix Sud – Les Grands Montets**
  2. **Chamonix Sud – Le Tour**
  3. **Chamonix Centre – Brevent**
  4. **Chamonix Centre – La Flégère**

Please note that timetables, routes, and service frequency can change depending on the season, with more frequent service during the peak ski season. I recommend checking the latest information online or at the local tourist office upon arrival.

Also, if you are a guest in the valley (in either a hotel, guest house, or rented accommodation), you can avail of free travel on this network by obtaining a ‘Carte d’Hôte’ or ‘Guest Card’ from your host.

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