Babysitting and creche facilities

Babysitting and creche facilities

As a company that prides itself on helping organise excellent family holidays in suitable chalets, it is often the case that having local child-care facilities is an important facet of a restful holiday. Here are few reputable organisations but please be aware that these can change from year to year.

1. Baby-Cham (
Description: Baby-Cham provides both babysitting and nanny services in the Chamonix Valley. The service is renowned for its professional, experienced nannies, who are trained to cater to the unique needs of each family.

2.Petit Verbier:
Description: Although primarily serving Verbier, Petit Verbier extends its excellent babysitting and nanny services to Chamonix. With a team of nannies that speak multiple languages, this service is ideal for international visitors.

3. Alpine Child Care (
Description: Alpine Child Care connects families with independent, qualified babysitters in the Chamonix area. With an online booking platform, it’s easy for parents to find and reserve a babysitter to suit their schedule.

Description: Offering its services in various top ski resorts including Chamonix, Merinannies offers professional and flexible childcare, including babysitting and nanny services.

Remember to review the most recent information about these services and check their current availability and offerings. Local government resources and travel forums can also provide more recent updates on childcare services in the Chamonix Valley.

You can also see a list of baby sitters and au pairs on the Chamonix tourist office site  on

Please note…you should take your own references and exercise judgement in choosing care for you precious bundles. We do not endorse, recommend, or legitimise any services listed here.

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