Worship in Chamonix

Here is some historical and denominational information on several churches in the Chamonix valley.

1. **Eglise Saint-Michel**: This is the main Catholic church in Chamonix, situated in the heart of the town. It was constructed between 1807 and 1825 and is notable for its baroque-style architecture and its unique copper-coloured spire. It contains some stunning stained-glass windows, and its interior has been well-maintained. Its wooden pulpit, carved in the 18th century, is a standout feature. As it’s a Catholic church, services would typically be on Sundays and holy days of obligation.

2. **Eglise Saint-Bernard du Tour**: This historic church is in the hamlet of Le Tour, near Argentière. It dates back to the 11th century, though it underwent significant renovation in the 19th century. It’s a Catholic church, known for its wooden statuary and its magnificent view of the surrounding valley. Services would typically be on Sundays.

3. **The Church of Argentière**: Located in the town of Argentière, this Catholic church dates to the 18th century and is known for its stunning bell tower. It has a unique charm and is an integral part of the local community. It’s historically significant and regularly hosts services, typically on Sundays.

4. **Eglise de Vallorcine**: This church is in the village of Vallorcine, at the end of the Chamonix valley. It’s a Catholic church with services held on Sundays. It’s less opulent than some of the others in the valley but carries a strong sense of history and is a centerpiece of the local community.

5. **Chapelle des Praz**: This quaint chapel is situated in Les Praz, a small village in the valley. It dates back to the 19th century and is surrounded by a charming garden and a peaceful cemetery. It’s a Catholic chapel, with a smaller congregation and intimate feel.

6. **Temple de Chamonix**: For Protestant worshippers, the Temple de Chamonix is a Protestant church located near the center of Chamonix. It was built in the early 20th century and is a part of the United Protestant Church of France. It offers services on Sundays.