Guest Refunds

When you book a chalet holiday with us, we act as your agent and the chalet owner or operator is the contracted principal. 

That is to say that your holiday booking or chalet rental is made according to the terms agreed with the owner or operator of the property you are booking.  This means that you will be subject to the specific terms and conditions set out by the host/operator/owner and applied to your booking. 

As soon as you make a booking reservation we will send you a copy of the host's terms and conditions so that you can see exactly what is needed to cancel and what reimbursement you might receive if you have paid a deposit or balance as part of your booking.

Our role in this is to try and ensure that all parties are treated fairly. So in as much as it would not be fair for a holidaymaker to back out of a booking just a few days prior to arrival it is also not fair for owners to retain all of the deposit if a cancellation must happen many months in advance. 

There is usually a balance that is equitable to both sides. However if a host has to "re-market" a period that they booked to you with no guarantee they will find a replacement guest(s) it is understandable why they might wish to stand by their cancellation terms and conditions. 

Please speak to a member of our team if you have any concerns at all in the booking process.

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